Trimming a surface with a wire

I am building a surface from a wire using GeomPlate_BuildSurface. I add all the edges from the wire as curve constraints, and get back a bspline surface using GeomPlate_MakeApprox.

I now have a bspline which passes through the curves, but I need to trim the surface with the wire. Can I use BRepFeat_SplitShape for this? Are there any examples? My initial attempt to BRepFeat_SplitShape::Add(wire, face) resulted in a segfault...


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What if you use BRepFill_Filling? That trims the surface to edges that are closed...
Is it possible to share the curves as an iges / step file?
Interesting, I've had to deal with this too [ in order to emulate what is called a network surface in rhino ]

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Thanks! BRepFill_Filling works fine.