Trouble with AIS_InteractiveContex Load Method


I transform my Project from OCCT 6.7.0 to OCCT 7.1.0.

CAD_Models can be load and viewed sucessful im my Viewer.

Using the Load Method of AIS_InteractiveContex  i get a crash.


Handle(AIS_InteractiveContext) const & myOperationContext;

class Workpiece
    Workpiece(Handle(AIS_Shape) const & shape);

    Handle(AIS_Shape) myShape;

    Handle(AIS_Shape) const & GetShape() const
        return myShape;

// .. Loading sucessful workpiece(shape) via IGS-Interface :
// .. result = CImportExport::ReadIGES(file,shape);

Handle(AIS_Shape) s = new AIS_Shape(shape); //ok
ASSERT(!s.IsNull()); // ok

Workpiece * const model = new Workpiece(s); // ok

// ... model is displayed in Viewer
myAISContext->Display( s, false ); // ok

myOperationContext->Load(model->GetShape()); // Crash

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sorry for the break.

Some further informations:

Windows 10 64 bit

Visual Studio 2010 - debug - 32 bit

Happy Easter und Thank you for  a hint !


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Visual Studio 2010 - debug - 32 bit

So what is the call stack?
Have you tried to see using debugger what happens wrong inside AIS_InteractiveContext::Load() leading to crash?

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the call stack gives this message:

     [Unten angegebene Rahmen sind möglicherweise nicht korrekt und/oder fehlen, keine Symbole geladen für KernelBase.dll]    
     msvcr100.dll!_CxxThrowException(void * pExceptionObject, const _s__ThrowInfo * pThrowInfo)  Zeile 157    C++

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) was correct installed.

The OCCT 7.1.0 DLL's were compiled in 32 bit release-mode.