Trying to install on linux


I am trying to install open cascade on linux and nothaving much luck.
i have 14 gig free on the hard drive.

i use ./configure
when i make it fills up the 14 gig!

Is there away to reduce the size
I am not very expearenced at using Linux ( the last 2 years)

So some pointer would be very helpful.

I work as a design engineer using Catia, Cadkey and Microcadam.

So i am interested in getting a look at it.

Many thanks

Peter Cole

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Use --enable-static=no as a configure option.

This should be considered a bug, as it prevents building the library - and there is no good reason to build static libraries by default - if ever for OCC.

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You can get the same result with --disable-static.

I think it may be even more useful to pass --disable-dependency-tracking as that will prevent the creation of some 30,000 header dependency files for both CASCADE and anything it #includes.