Two curves to one shared curve

Hi All,

I have two connected faces topologically as a Shell. Anyway faces are not sharing one curve between themselves, each face has its curve. Thus, I have 2 edges overlapped, from different Wires.
I read some topics here about to reconstruct the faces and shell. But I'm working with a lot of them and this process should be slow.
Is there a faster way, instead of go through all edges?


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Dear Thiago Macedo

1. A Shell is just container for a set of faces. The fact that your 2 faces are in one shell does not mean that your faces are connected topologically.
2. The faces can share shapes (edges, vertices) but ca not share curves. Shapes and curves are different things.
3. In order to provide sharing try to use boolean fuse or sewing.
Yes it will take a time.
Ce la vie, mon ami.