Two more WOK problems


following the wok documentation I tried to run wokprocess -o.
It works only partially. I get problems with the xcpp.repl step (whatever this does) and with obj.comp with CMPLRS_C options. Representative error messages are below.

Any Ideas?

=====> ExprIntrp:obj.cgen

Info : Step obj.cgen is up to date


Info : Step is up to date

=====> ExprIntrp:xcpp.repl

Error : Failed during execution
Info : Step xcpp.repl
Error : Step xcpp.repl failed

=====> BRepFill:obj.comp

Error : Could not eval compiler CMPLRS_C options
Info : -------> BRepFill.cxx
Error : Exception was raised : 0x8a5a884 : Standard_NullObject: Attempt to access to null object
Info : Step obj.comp
Error : Step obj.comp failed

Torsten Sadowski's picture

The second problem was my fault. CMPLRS.edl did not yet contain a Mac section.

Now I have a new bunch of helpful errors to work with.

Cheers, Torsten