Ubuntu 10.4 installation

Today I have download this CAD an I would like to install on my Ubuntu 32bit.
I followed the instruction on the topic http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_3824/ but I found the same problem of Antonio.
In the end of execution of "sudo sh my_configure.sh"
I fount the errors:
configure: WARNING: Disabling OpenGL portion of visualization component: GL not found
configure: Disabling application framework: not building visualization component
configure: Disabling data exchange component: not building OCAF
configure: error: Test harness requires visualization component.

How I can to do?
Best regards

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You are need to install additional package, like glu-dev, X11-dev, X11proto-dev and other. Also you may see when is running the configure which headers are don't installed or read the configure.in manually.