Unable to Set IGES Translation Parameters

I'm trying to set the author, company, and product parameters using the following code:

IGESControl_Writer writer;
Interface_Static::SetCVal("write.iges.header.company", "MyCompany");
Interface_Static::SetCVal("write.iges.header.product", "MyProduct");
Interface_Static::SetCVal("write.iges.header.author", "ThisIsMe");

However, I always get the default values in the output IGES file:

,,31HOpen CASCADE IGES processor 6.2,13HFilename.iges, G0000001
16HOpen CASCADE 6.2,31HOpen CASCADE IGES processor 6.2,32,308,15,308,15,G0000002
,1.,2,2HMM,1,0.01,15H20080223.135350,0.0001,,4Hrice,,11,0, G0000003
15H20080223.135350,; G0000004
S 1G 4D 0P 0 T0000001

I've found that if I call writer.Model()->ApplyStatic() that the "author" and "company" values get set, but I cannot change the "product" header item.

Any guidance on how to modify these values?


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I'm also trying to do the same....
But I'm unable to set the translation parameters....
Can You help me to set the translation parameters...

Thanks in Advance

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Can Anybody help me to set the translation parameters as I'm unable to set by using the above method.....

Can you please help me...

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Roman...
Can you please help me to set the translation parameters...

Thanks for your Help

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Be disciplined and patient to read the documentation. This can be more rewarding than just waiting for the answers on the forum.

Data Exchange User's Guide explains this.

//set export options (after initialization has been done)
Interface_Static::SetCVal ("write.iges.header.author", myAuthor.ToCString());
Interface_Static::SetCVal ("write.iges.header.company", myCompany.ToCString());

IGESCAFControl_Writer aWriter;
aWriter.Model()->ApplyStatic(); //to apply set parameters

The 'product' is not set 'as is' due to a bug in OCC IGESData_IGESModel::ApplyStatic(). You may want to fix it to process the 'product' case.

opencascade.blogspot.com - the Open CASCADE blog


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Hi Roman....
Thanks for your reply and sugestions...
I'm very thankful to you for your patience....
Please don't think otherwise...I'll assure you that I will be desciplined...


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I tried this way, and it works for setting CVal variables.
But I not able to apply the 'mode' using the SetIVal("write.iges.writebrepmode.mode",1) i.e
change to BREP instead of the default 'Faces'.
thanks in advance
- PG

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I had the same problem: trying to output using BRep mode with a IGESCAFControl_Writer. I took a look at the source code and it appears that there is no way to set it to BRep mode. Is there something I'm missing or should I just modify the source?