Unasked for, unsuscribed , and unwanted "Important announcements".

This morning I received an "Important announcement" from you/OpenCascade/CapGemini.

As I no longer have any interest in OpenCascade, I came here to unsubscribe from whichever mailing list I had inadvertantly signed up to.

I followed the email link to your "New portal" front page, where a logo whirred for 20 minutes and would not load -- latest FireFox. Great advert for your programming expertise and quality assurance.

Eventually, I found a page that would load, and logged in, to undo the errant subscription, only to find I wasn't subscribed to anything!

(Tried to include a screen shot of my account's subscription page, but your "New portal"'s Image inclusion doesn't work either! See attachment.)

Bottom line, I am now formally requiring you/OpenCascade/CapGemini to remove my email from *ALL* your mailing lists, and to delete my account.

If I do not receive notification by email that this has happened, in the next 7 days, I'll persue my rights under the "EU GDPR Artical 17 -- RIght to Erasure" legislation.

Me Here.