undefined reference to `vtable for ShapeSchema'


I'm new to OpenCASCADE and would like to use it under Linux (Suse11.2, gcc4.7). I tried to build the gtk+ example from http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/dolbey/GtkOpenCascade/. It didn't work with "make" because I got error messages like:

.deps/Callbacks.Po: No such file or directory

So I did the build using scons figuring out what include directories and libraries are needed to build the example.

It compiles but while linking I get the error message:

Translate.o: In function `ShapeSchema::ShapeSchema()':
Translate.cpp:(.text._ZN11ShapeSchemaC2Ev[_ZN11ShapeSchemaC5Ev]+0x1f): undefined reference to `vtable for ShapeSchema'

I would be very appreciative for any help.


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In ShapeSchema you are need to add ~ShapeSchema() destructor and the ShapeSchema::~ShapeSchema() {} instruction in ShapeSchema.cxx. If problem not gone you also need append assign method, like ShapeSchema(const &ShapeSchema other) and in your cxx file too.