Update the existing installation of the OCCT to make use of Draco package

I have installed the OCCT 7.7.0 on my machine.
During the installation of OCCT, Draco library (3rd Party Library) was not the part.
But now I want to use the Draco library.
Is there any way to re-configure the existing installation of the OCCT to support the Draco library and functionality.

I am using the Ubuntu 20.04.

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If you use CMake build - there are only one way - change Cmake variables and then configure and build solution again. And anly then install.

Draco is a static linking library(used only in build stage). You can only build with it. (There are not needed additional 3rd-party after correct build)

Best regards, Dmitrii.

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Thanks Dmitrii,

Thanks for the help.