Update request: sun.awt.DrawingSurface API in new JRE

Dear OCC Developers,

I guess, many people are switching to newer JRE distributions. The example problems use some AWT classes, which have been removed in the newer distros. The information from http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/awt/AWTChanges.html :
Removal of the Drawing Surface API

The bugtraq report that corresponds to this change is: 4293646.

The sun.awt.DrawingSurface API has been removed. It was never made public, but some developers have been using it. The functionality has been replaced by the JAWT. For more information, see the AWT Native Interface description in the 1.3 release notes for AWT.
possible workaround solution for another removed class - to repackage it from the old distribution

But I guess, a minor release would need this port



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The classes are not used anyway...

The display functions uses AWT native interfaces, so i think someone has forgotten to remove the old code.