Updating Face surface.

Hello everyone,

I need to re-interpolate some surfaces of my Shape. How I can update existing Face with new surface? This part of OCAF is not clear from all available for me information.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Alexander,
Probably referring to OCAF is a misprint, because OCAF by definition is not dedicated for the expected by you kind of work.
The Open CASCADE Application Framework (OCAF) is an easy-to-use platform for rapidly developing sophisticated domain-specific design applications (see for details "OCAF White-Paper" available with public release).

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Yes, you are right.

But is it any way to update surface of an existing Face instead of making new Face and copy everything from old one?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Alexander,

yes it is possible.

You can use ShapeBuild_ReShape to replace the face but remember to replace the affected edges and vertices also.