Usable solid modelling apps based on OCC?

Hello, OCC looks like an extremely capable API, but unfortunately my company needs a traditional solid modeler. (We currently use Pro/E.) Are there any OSS or commercial packages that are made with OCC that are polished and have enough features to be used in a production environment? In other words, feature-based parametric solid modelling w/ assemblies and associative 2D drawings? Thanks for the help!

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Download Demo version of COLLABCAD from
which uses OCC extensively.
For help and tutorials,


- Prasad

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Dear Mr. Joe,

One of the main activities of Open CASCADE company is a tunk key application development. So, please do not hesitate to contact our sales with your requirements to the solid modeller.

In order to take a first look at the Open CASCADE solid modeling capabilities please refer to Advanced OCAF Sample from

Looking forward to your mail,

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