Using Microsoft GDI generic renderer

We would like to use an OCCT based Application on a Tablet PC whch does not have a 3d graphics adapter.

We tried to use the Microsoft's GDI Generic software rendering driver, but were unable to initialize an OCC-window.

Is there a way known to make OCCT work with OpenGL 1.1 (which is the version supported by this driver)?

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OCC uses OpenGL for its visualization framework. OpenGL 1.1 should be enough for it. If necessary, you could use mesa3d to handle the OpenGL-to-GDI conversion. mesa3d is an open source OpenGL implementation available for Windows by using GDI.

Another solution is to implement your own visualization framework. It would take you more time, but you would have more control on what can be done and what can not.

Once again, if you have support for OpenGL 1.1 on that Tablet PC, you should be ready to go.

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I found out the problem, or more precisly both of the TWO problems:

1. To many colors exception: the vga of the tablet was set to 16 bit colors, while i tried to initialize OCCT with 32 bpp.

2. Out of patience exception: a 500Mhz PC with software renderer does need a _long_ time torun my Application

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Hi Paul,
is possible receive a binary of mesa3d?

I have some problem to compile it.

Thank you.

igor.nembrini *AT*