Using OpenCASCADE with VB?

Does anyone have any experience with using OpenCASCADE with visual basic? If so can you give me any pointers on how to get started.

I haven't got a great deal of C++ experience, and looking at the samples and documentation, I think that it will be a while before I am ready to start coding in C.

Alternatively, does anyone have any simple and well documented examples that would allow me to get started using C++, maybe a cylinder or a box?



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SampleAISBasic is enough

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What is SampleAISBasic?

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MFC Samples provieded with OCC release. If you want to start OCC programming using C++(under MS Windows), you can learn it first, then read the free online tutorial on this site.

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My by too late but I'm trying to build COM interface to use OCC classes by VB.
I have implemented about 90 classes and I'm studing OCC to understand what classes I need.


Filippo Bottega.

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Is it possible to use OCC with VB?
What do I need to start?
Where can I find some examples?
Is it some kind of API?