using opengl code

I have and opengl modeler that Im rewriting in opencascade. Right now I have some very basic opengl code that displays a bitmap of the camera image in my application within the 3D View. Can I reuse this code in opencascade.


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Dear Derrek,

If there is not that much existing rendering code in your application, it is strongly recommended to migrate it to high-level OCCT visualization API from low-level OpenGL calls.
E.g. an image from a camera can be displayed using texture mapping.

Still it is possible to reuse existing OpenGL rendering code with OCCT visualization.
Applications can implement custom OpenGl_Element class and add it to the scene through UserDraw() method to a Graphic3d_Group in Compute() method of a custom interactive object class.
Corresponding example you can find in 'vuserdraw' DRAW command (see ViewerTest_OpenGlCommands.cxx file).

Best regards