Using User_Cylinder in my own code


Firstly, thanks to Stephane, Francois and Erki for helping Raya Khanin and myself so far. We appreciate it a lot!

Also, I am by no means an expert at Open CASCADE, so please excuse me if I ask a stupid question.

We are trying to use User_Cylinder from SampleAISSelect in our own code. I have copied all the relevant files into our directory [ User_Cylinder.hxx, User_Cylinder.cxx, User_Cylinder.ixx, User_Cylinder.jxx, User_Cylinder.cdl and Handle_User_Cylinder.hxx

Application.o: In function `ApplicationWindow::test(void)':
Application.o(.text+0x4eba): undefined reference to `User_Cylinder::User_Cylinder(double, double)'
Application.o(.text+0x4f65): undefined reference to `Handle_User_Cylinder::~Handle_User_Cylinder(void)'
Application.o(.text+0x5005): undefined reference to `Handle_User_Cylinder::~Handle_User_Cylinder(void)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [Sample] Error 1
End of buildind

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks Very Much,


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Hello David,
it looks like you didn't include the User_Cylinder.cxx in your application. The destructor of the Handle could be find in the *.ixx file and the constructor of User_Cylinder probably in the cxx file. You need all those files except for the cdl file (it's a template to generate the other files and it also contains documentation.).


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Hello Francois,

Thanks very much for your help! I will implement what you suggest.

Best Wishes and have a good weekend,