V3d_OrthographicView forward declaration

I'm triyng to implement a "simple" QT widget with an OCC window on it. here is my code :

1. QOCCWidget.h
class QOCCWidget : public QGLWidget


* \fn QOCCWidget(QWidget* parent = 0 , const char* name = 0, int wflags = 0);
* \brief Constructor
* \param parent QWidget* = 0
* \param name const char* = 0
* \param wflags int = 0
QOCCWidget(QWidget* parent = 0 , const char* name = 0, int wflags = 0):QGLWidget(QGLFormat(DoubleBuffer | DepthBuffer | AlphaChannel | DirectRendering), parent, name, 0, wflags)
#ifndef WNT
XSynchronize(x11Display(), TRUE);// QApplication::syncX();
myDevice=new Graphic3d_GraphicDevice("");
myWindow=new Xw_Window(myDevice,winId());
const Handle(Graphic3d_GraphicDevice)& GraphicDevice() const { return myDevice; }
const Handle(Xw_Window)& Window() const { return myWindow; }
void SetView(const Handle(V3d_View)& aView){
const Handle(V3d_View)& View() const { return myView; }

virtual void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *){
if (!myView.IsNull()) myView->Redraw();
virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *){
if (!myView.IsNull()) myView->MustBeResized();

Handle(Graphic3d_GraphicDevice) myDevice;
Handle(Xw_Window) myWindow;
Handle(V3d_View) myView;

2. main.cpp

int main( int argc, char ** argv )
QApplication a( argc, argv );
QOCCWidget *ventana=new QOCCWidget();
TCollection_ExtendedString Name("Test");
TCollection_AsciiString Domain("DBMReflex");
Handle(V3d_Viewer) aViewer=new V3d_Viewer(ventana->GraphicDevice(),Name.ToExtString(),Domain.ToCString(),1000.0,V3d_XposYnegZpos,Quantity_NOC_BLACK,V3d_ZBUFFER,V3d_GOURAUD,V3d_WAIT,Standard_True,V3d_TEX_ALL);
Handle(V3d_OrthographicView) aView= new V3d_OrthographicView(aViewer); ventana->SetView(aView);
a.connect( &a, SIGNAL( lastWindowClosed() ), &a, SLOT( quit() ) );
return a.exec();

I obtain the major part of this code of a message of this forum.

When I tried to compile it ..

main.cpp: In function `int main(int, char**)':
main.cpp:21: error: invalid use of undefined type `struct V3d_PerspectiveView'
/home/OpenCASCADE5.2/ros/inc/Handle_V3d_PerspectiveView.hxx:39: error: forward declaration of `struct V3d_PerspectiveView'

What happen?
Anyone have an idea?

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Doesn't the Qt widget wrapping the OCC viewer, demonstrated in the Qt sample, shipped with OCC demonstrate good enough functionality you are trying to implement ?
Why to reinvent the wheel ?

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you have to include V3d_PerspectiveView