"V3d_Viewer" Compile error...

My Code: in "TestCasDoc.h": Handle_V3d_Viewer m_pViewer; Handle_AIS_InteractiveContext m_pAISContext;

in "TestCasDoc.cpp": TCollection_ExtendedString a3DName("Visu3D");

m_pViewer = new V3d_Viewer(theGraphicDevice,a3DName.ToExtString());



m_pAISContext =new AIS_InteractiveContext(m_pViewer);

I am encounted compile error in MFC. The compile error is "error C2661: 'new' : no overloaded function takes 3 parameters" I search in help file to find constructors... but I can't find a reason... Help me please..

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at the beginning of your .cpp, you have certainly :

#ifdef DEBUG #define new DEBUG_NEW .... #endif or something like that.

Just remove these lines, and it should work.


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^^ Thank you for your respose.. I cleared compile error.. Thanks..