V3D_Viewer / View Not Updating in WindowsXP

Having compiled a program using OpenCascade on Win2000. Everything works as it shoudld. The views draw and refresh at the right times.

But when run on WindowsXP - using a projection screen, the windows drew but did not update on moving, panning or zooming inside the projected disply. If the window was moved off-screen and moved back to the active projection area - the the correct view was displayed. Is this an open cascade viewer error, programming error or an XP / Driver issue.

Thank you for any help.


Stephane Routelous's picture

Do you have more than one 3d window opened ?
What is the graphic card ?

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Im not sure, it was someone elses laptop - i dont have access to it now - i was just wondering whether it was my program or something else.

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The problem is a well-known problem with OpenCASCADE and multiple 3d views on Windows with a non-accelerated graphic card.
I think it is a Windows bug in the opengl base driver.
Take in mind that the opengl drivers from microsoft are the same since windows95.
Try to take the latest drivers from your graphic card manufacturer, or buy a decent graphic card.
BTW, using an OpenGL-based application without an accelerated opengl graphic card is perhaps not a good idea ?