V3d_View::RefToPix and V3d_View::PixToRef


I used the OCC-supplied MSVC++ wizard to generate an MFC application. In the CView-derived class, there is a member variable declared as follows:
Handle_V3d_View myView;

Based on the help file included with OCC 5.1, I should be able to call: myView->RefToPix( ... ) and myView->PixToRef( ... ). However, the compiler says these methods do not exist. I checked in the header file and confirmed this.

In my LButtonDown handler, I want to un-project the mouse point to get a 3D model point. Note that I have locked my camera position to be on the X-axis and looking at the origin. Therefore, I should be able to pay attention to the Y and Z coordinates that come back and ignore the X coordinate (which in this case would be the depth).

Is the documentation out-of-date? Is there an alternative way to do what I am attempting? Or, am I misunderstanding the documentation.

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V3d_View::RefToPix and V3d_View::PixToRef procedures are obsolete. Use V3d_View::Convert procedures instead.