V4.0 Running error

I don't have any ideal to figure out what wrong with it. The complile for my program is OK. But, The execution is error.
?SaveAs@TDocStd_Application@@QAI?AW4CDF_StoreStus@@ABVHandle_TDocStd_Document@@ABVTCollection_ExtendedString@@@Z(...TKCAF.dll) What is it? Thanks a lot.

ps1. I have tried the example - SampleOcaf. I get the same error message as above.

ps2. Does anyone successfully download V4.0 and execute it?


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Hi Shawn,

I have no problem with Version 4.0. Perhaps do you have still some old (or wrong) enviroment variables? They have removed some in OCC 4.0 - so I can imagine it can produces errors with old settings.


Patrik Müller