Variable Type

Could someone please tell me the type of seen in the following groovy code
i.e. what type does it represent in OCC.
What type of objects are pushed into the seen array. I need the type of those objects.

import org.jcae.mesh.cad.CADShape
import org.jcae.mesh.cad.CADShapeFactory
import org.jcae.mesh.cad.CADShapeEnum
import org.jcae.mesh.cad.CADExplorer

String brepFile

def factory = CADShapeFactory.getFactory()
def shape = factory.newShape(brepFile)
CADExplorer expl = factory.newExplorer()

seen = []
for(expl.init(shape, CADShapeEnum.FACE); expl.more(); {
face = expl.current()
if (! (face in seen)) seen }
println("Faces: " + seen.size())

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Does OCC provide support for jcae? No.
How many people on this forum use Groovy with OCCT? Judging from search results, one: you.

Perhaps you would find an answer if you would try the forums at or