VC++ 6.0 compilation error of TKStep.dll

Hi All, When I tried to used VC++ 6.0 to compile TKStep.dll on NT 4.0, the following error occurred (in both Release and Debug option):

.... RWStepShape_RWGeometricallyBoundedSurfaceShapeRepresentation.cxx

cl.exe @e:\TEMP\nlz00298. RWStepShape_RWGeometricallyBoundedWireframeShapeRepresentation.cxx tkstep.mak(34185) : fatal error U1054: cannot create inline file 'e:\TEMP\nmz002 98' Stop.

The e:\ drive has 50G free space and I did the following procedures before the compilation: (1) delete all *.obj in .\Release directory (2) call nmake -f tkstep.mak clean (3) delete tkstep.opt and tkstep.ncb in \WindowsNT directory.

After finishing these three steps, I typed in nmake -f tkstep.mak

In addition, the RAM of my PC is 458 M and I set additional 3G virtual memory. Can anyone give some advices ? Thanks, Jie.

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Hi, I'm not sure if it really helps - but did you try to compile the libs in the IDE? I did so and no errors....

Regards, Patrik Müller

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Hi Patrik,

Thanks for your email which encouraged me to have conducted another try and got succeeded in the compilation. The problem is that on my pc both VC++5.0 and VC++6.0 were installed. This kind of coexistence somehow made VC++6.0 not working well for a big project. After switcing to VC++5.0, everything became fine.

Once again, many thanks for your response,