VIS Viewer and colors

I was very pleased to find in DRAW the VIS Viewer commands. If I understand well it integrates VTK to speed up the displaying functionalities. Some functions are really useful however I haven't found so far in DRAW based on OCC 7.3 how to change the color of a shape?

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ivtksetcolor command in TKIVtkDraw plugin has been introduced by OCCT 7.5.0 (released in '2020).

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Great! Thanks a lot, that's very good news !

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By the way, I just installed DRAW on Windows through OCCT 7.6.0 because it is very quick. I already compiled it on Linux with all the third part components and it's really long to get DRAW running after resolving all the problems, do you know where we could get a recent and full OCC suite on Linux?