visible shape outline


anyone would know how i can make the outline
of a shape visible?

for example, i would like all edges of my
shape to be outlined in black.

how do i do that?
i've tried setting quite a few values
in Prs3D_Drawer retrieved from the context,
but it doesn't work.

thanks in advance.



Robert Boehne's picture

Create two AIS_Shapes for your data, set one to display the shaded representation, and the second to display a wireframe in black.

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thanks for your suggestion. it might just work. not a bad alternative.

though i'm figuring clean ways to avoid problems with selection and application of a feature.
for example, i might have a box (with a wire to highlight the edges). visually selecting an edge for a fillet, i would have to filter off wire selection... might have problems there...

thanks though.