Visual Studio 2015 support


Hi OCC team,

Do you have any particular plans for official VS2015 support yet ?
At CAD Exchanger, we have made an experimental build (incl. OCC port) but hesitated to contribute these modifications as you are apparently already taking this effort yourself, so that would be colliding changes.

We have just received a first inquiry so I wonder what your plans are in this matter.

Thank you,

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Hello Roman,

you can refer to the issue #0026547 (see also relations) in Bugtracker to track the state of support of VS2015.

For the moment, fixes related to compilation issues have been already integrated to master. Samples have not been yet checked.

If you know other issues related to VS2015 support or/and have patches to contribute - you are welcome!

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Hello Roman,

We are currently preparing VS 2015 builds of 3rd-party libs used by OCCT, they should appear on the corresponding page in a few days.

OCCT 6.9.1 should be compatible with VS 2015 in the sense that you can build it without errors. If time allows, we will also eliminate new compiler warnings that VS 2015 generates on OCCT code. We are not going to update WOK for generation of VS 2015 project files, thus OCCT 6.9.1 will not contain ready-to-use projects for VS 2015. Thus, you will need to either convert existing projects of VS 2013 or earlier by Visual Studio, or use CMake.

OCCT 7.0 should have full support of VS 2015 officially, including clean build, certification of tests, and generation of project files.

If you made some changes in OCCT for building with VS 2015 which are not yet in OCCT master, you are welcome to contribute.


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Thank you Kirill and Andrey for the prompt responses.

OK. We will then check if there are any changes we made that are not in the OCC branches and contribute.

Thank you,

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Thank you, are there going to be VS2015 project files in the final 7.0 release?


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Yes, VS 2015 is fully supported by OCCT, and VS 2015 project files will be included in OCCT 7.0 release packages. Note that they were included in OCCT 6.9.1, and beta and rc packages of OCCT 7.0, thus you can use one of these packages to test.

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Thank you very much, excellent!
I used Spatial's ACIS for a long time over 10 years ago and I'm just getting started with OCCT.

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I have run msvc.bat with parameters "vc14 win64 Release" and the solution open with project with options win32 Debug, is there any problem about that?

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msvc.bat does not change configuration within Visual Studio itself.

Option vc14 specifies which solution file will be opened (when project files have been generated for multiple VS versions).

Options win32/win64 and Release/Debug affects only %PATH% environment variable and have no effect when opening Visual Studio solution - OCCT can be normally build for any target without relaunching msvc.bat within properly configured custom.bat.

Of course, when launching draw.bat, all options are mandatory since you have to specify within which target you would like to launch DRAWEXE.exe.