In visualization module, if there has a robust and fast way to view breakout section view of a solid

In opencascade, if we want to see a breakout section view of a part(eg. ), it seemed that we can only use boolean operations to cut off the part solid. but boolean operation is quite time-consuming and not robust enough. I have also try to use clipping plane in V3d_View, but clipping plane doesn't generate cut sections so the cut view of part solid is shell alike(

Could any one tell me that in visualization module, if there is a fast way to view breakout section view without use boolean operations? Thanks very much!

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Have you sloved this problem already? How?
I have the same problem now. I use cut function to get the section now. Yes, it is time- consuming when dealing wth many components.
I ever checked FreeCAD based on OCC, it seems that clipping plane works fine. but for now I cannot figure out how it works.

Is anybody can give the solution for this?