volume representation of 3d object (for example: sculpture)

I'm student and currently at the begginig of development of virtual sculpturer software like zBrush. I'm on prototype phase and trying out different possibilites for volume representation of sculpture. I have few questions about open cascade features.

Firstly, how does open cascade support creation of B-spline or NURBS surfaces? Are you able to provide me a snippet,link or test project explainig it? Is it posiible to generate interpolated surface out of underlying objects? I mean: Lets assume we represent 3d object as a tree(ev. set) of cubes. How do we create a B-spline or NURBS surface that will cover my tree like a well-suited hut? To what extend does open cascade support creation of surfaces? Is it (surface hut matching) at all possible using open cascade?

Secondly, will open cascade support join and disjoin operations on structues like octrees, other trees or 3d primitives liku cubes. Do I need to implement it on my own?

Thanks in advance,

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1. just for visualizaiton, vtk is an option. of curse, occ can generate the nurbs surface. and also you can extend the surface with some continuity conditions, such as cuvature, tangent, or ....

2. donot understand what you exactly want? that should be basic opeartion for data structure.

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Hi Grzegorz,

OCC will probably suit your needs if you create NURBS (both curves and surfaces) directly i.e. if you already know the control points, knots etc. If you're up to something like surface recognition (or similar) you will probably have to implement a lot yourself. OCC approximation algorithms are not suitable for large sets of points (take a look at the Plate.exe sample).

I don't think OCC has an implementation of octrees...

Good luck!