Voxel package


Dear OCCT developers,

as some might have seen, I've been testing the Voxel Package as a tool for material removal. Although it is not industry-ready at the moment (at least in my opinion) it looks very promising (!) and I will surely continue working with it and hope to be able to commit some improvements / extensions.

Do you think the voxel functionality is worth incorporating into the road map and dedicating resources to the development or is it rather a project that will not be continued in the nearest future?


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Dear Pawel,

You are right saying that the Voxel package is not yet industry-ready. Thus all community efforts that will result in improved implementation of voxels would be appreciated a lot, indeed.
We do not plan any immediate actions related to this functionality, though certain bug correction is expected.
And in case of continuous interest, possibility to include voxels evolution into the road-map can be considered.

Best regards,