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I am trying to export my geometry to VRML. I am using the code supplied with the ImportExport MFC example. Everything is working, materials are exported successfully.

Now i want to add basic texture exporting support. When i try to add VrmlData_Texture to VrmlData_Appearance, compiler says that VrmlData_Node::Read is abstract. This makes sense since VRML importing is not supported.

If i subclass VrmlData_Texture and override Read with empty read function, will it work?

I am asking this because VrmlData_Texture.hxx is present but VrmlData_Texture.cxx is missing. Are these deliberately not implemented because OpenCascade does not support texture exporting with VRML?

Any help is appreciated.

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Endere EREL

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Ok, i see it now. I am supposed to use VrmlData_ImageTexture. It is ok, i can add it to the scene but it doesn't get written to the output file, which makes sense because VrmlData_Node::Write is not overridden in VrmlData_Texture. I am going to subclass VrmlData_Texture and override Write, if i succeed, i will post the results here.

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Hello Endere,

I am newbee in opencacade ,could you please tell me how can read vrml files geometry using opencacade.In release nots of opencacade 6.3 they have specified that opencacade allows vrml read/write and i ma interested in reading vrml file geometry(tessellation).

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According to this page you can only write to a VRML.

I quick search on goolge revealed MeshLab. It should let you convert from VRML to STL.

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Nicholas Seward
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I see now were it says that in the released notes. I hope it was implemented. That would be awesome.