VTK is giving the error "Vector subscript out of range" while setting Input connection in (happen only in debug)

Hello, I compiled OCCT 7.6.0 with VTK support (VTK 9.1.0) and also using Qt6 as well.

After I compiled only in debug I'm getting error from VTK side;

Same problem (asked by different person) : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68607976/vtk-is-giving-the-error-vec...

Based on that link I followed comments and I found here : https://tracker.dev.opencascade.org/view.php?id=32331
But that error still happening on my end. I asked here first because I'm confused I didn't determine is it VTK or OCCT issue.

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Same problem

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So far nobody reported an issue on Bugtracker with reproducible test case. It might be a regression on VTK 9 though.