warning messages

While compiling source files of the PR3 under Linux, i noticed a number of warning messages concerning the DrawExchange compilation.

What is the aim of this comunity regarding these warning messages : - i correct them and i post the updated version (but where ?) - i do not correct them but i send the warning messages to Regis Le Boite himself ?

I know it is only warning messages, but if it is more serious messages, the questions are the same !

Christian CAILLET's picture

Remaining messages on Data Exchange are not serious, but you are right, they have to disappear. We have already recorded them by the time. PR4 will fix a lot.

Anyway, if some are still in PR4, they will be fixed by us in the regular way.

So, the best is to send such information on messages to Regis le Boite as you suggest, or to me directly if they are for Data Exchanges : we'll then check them, to be sure they'll disappear on next releases.