Wavefront OBJ file

I'm interesting in Open Cascade to develop a Java Application but I've a question: there is a way to load and save Wavefront OBJ file ?
I can't found an answer to this question.


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Hi. Did you find the answer? I need exactly the same feature.

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Dear Sirs,

For your information, OPEN CASCADE has completed the development of a new extension of our Mesh Framework component which provides capability of reading OBJ files and displaying it in AIS viewer with textures. This extension shall be available in the nearest release of the Mesh Framework component. You may read more information about the Mesh Framework at http://www.opencascade.org/support/products/omf/ .

Please do not hesitate to request more information and pricing via http://www.opencascade.org/about/contacts/ .

Best regards,
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Can some one please share code for converting a AIS_Shape into .Obj file using smesh?