what is in topods_shape£¿

hello everyone:

what i know about topods_shape is that there is a topds_tshape in it.when i go into topds_tshape, it is a TopoDS_ListOfShape, but when i go deeper i really confused , i cannt get any information about it .

thanks very much

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Hi Li,
You could start with this post to get some clues about internal data structures - http://opencascade.blogspot.com/2009/02/topology-and-geometry-in-open-ca...

Hope this helps.
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thanks very much for your great blog of occ, it really dragged me out of confusions.

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hi Roman:

i mean to modify the topology of a shape, such as move a vertex of an arbitrary shape. i have read most of posts on the forum about this. and i can edit vertex on an Edge now, but came across some problem here.

thanks very much for your patience and suggestions.