when the box was maximized£¬it can not be diaplayed completely£¬why£¿

Hello everyone£º
I have got some problems about occ.The box which was builded can be displayed normally,but when it was maximized£¬it can not be diaplayed completely.And then,I reinstalled windows,but it still raise the same question.why£¿what is the problem?How can I solve this problem?
Hope someone can tell me about it!

Thank you very much!

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Hi, try the ZFitAll function

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First of all, I appriciate your answer.The button "ZoomAll" has the code itself:

void CWjOccView::OnBUTTONZoomAll()

But when I click the button "ZoomAll",the box can not be diaplayed completely.
Does it mean that the ZFitAll function does not do?or else?