where is DFBrowser

I serched DFBrowser that was in opencascade 6.3
but now I can't not find it in opencascade 6.5

anybody know where is DFBrowser.dll (that used in drawexe)
and how to connect with this to drawexe

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Hello mything,
DFBrowser tool has been removed from OCCT delivery.
Starting from OCCT 6.4 QT DFBrowser is delivered as an independent OCCT tool available only to the customers.

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In OCC651, is it possible to use the "TCL" browser from test harness ?
Is it only available for the customers as the QT DFBrowser ?



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Hello Denis,

Only QT based DFBrowser is available as ready to use tool.
If you need any other we are ready to consider your specific request.
For this you may contact us via Contact Form http://www.opencascade.org/about/contacts/.