Where is the faq ?

Hi, I need informations about distributing OCC dll's and setting environment variables. I remember that all theses topics where discussed in a FAQ but where is it now ?
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Hi, search in this forum with the keyword "packaging", there is a thread that lists environment vars and DLLs to be installed.
I can't find also no longer find this FAQ.

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but in all the founded threads there are many links to the missing FAQ !!!

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Hello Jerome,

FAQ is under construction now.
Technical part has been temporarily restored at http://www.opencascade.org/occ/faq .

Best regards,
Forum supervisor

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Very nice, but, yes there is a but, the part that I'm interresting for : "Packaging open cascade application" cause a fatal error on my computer (New Window Caption:hh.exe - Erreur d'application).
All other pages seems to work correctly...
It seems that I'm a new victim of the Murphy's law !
Best regards