Where to find the Tcl76i.dll ?

I am still trying to have the "DRAW" test harness working under Windows NT !

Both TTOPOLOGY.exe and XSDRAWEXEstd.exe ask for the Tcl76i.dll to work.

I could not find this dll in the downloads and at any place on my computer.

Has anyone an idea to help me ? Thanking you

Alain Chauvin (achstructures@aol.com)

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Dear Alain, For working with DRAW applications you have to install TclTk7.6 (see http://www.opencascade.org/about/platfor.html). If you install Tcl Tcl76i.dll will be located in .../Tcltk/bin folder.

Best regards

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You can get it from http://dev.scriptics.com/software/tcltk/7.6.html. U will find Windows and Macintosh self-extracting installer exe (and source files also for Unix) there. If u are on Windows, U need to download the exe and just execute it. It will install it extarcting from the same file. IMPORTANT: U need to search for Tcl76.dll , and rename it to Tcl76i.dll to use it with TOPOLOGY.exe.

Thanks with regards,