where should i start?

i have some color points in 3D space and wanna show them, in addition, it's better to interact with the object, such as rotation.

i just installed and compiled the OCC, so where should i start to make use of OCC in my own project? I read through the occ ducument, but only know what command is for what, can not get the framework sense of OCC. if anyone can give me any hint for the general steps of using OCC in your own project?

Your reply will be very appreciated.


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If you don't get an answer on this forum, have a look at www.ogre3d.org or www.blender.org (better supported packages, i.m.o.).
I hope this helps,

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hi, vio

thank you so much for your help, i will go and try these two software.

really appreciated.

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just for displaying - take a look at differrent scenegraphs (OpenSg, OpenScenegraph) or VTK...