where to start learning

What document from that's (pdf's) I should read first to understand the basic of OpenCascade, or what is the order to learn...???

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If you look at the OCC online help under Technical Overview, I
recommend the following order:

- Overview of Object Libraries
- Foundation Classes
- Modeling Data
- Modeling Algorithms
- Visualization
- Application Framework
- Data Exchange

Links to the PDF users guide for these can be found in the
Reference Documentation section of the help. Also, it is a
good idea to check out "My First Application" at:


Finally, the Draw test harness is a valuable tool for
experimentation. So, check out the users' guide under
Development Tools in the Reference Documentation section
of the help.

Good luck

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Thank you

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Does http://www.opencascade.org/org/gettingstarted/ make sense ?

Of course, surfing on this site can be of great help.