Which OpenCascade TK*.dlls / libs to use?

Here's what sounds like a silly question -

How do I know which of the OpenCascade TK*.dll files to include in my project (and hence which TK*.libs to link to)?

For space issues, I need to distribute a minimum number of DLLs, so I want to avoid including them all.

When I use a given OpenCascade function or class, how do I know which TK*,dll it is in?

I guess I could work it out by trial and error, but there must be a better way.



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For a given class, you can see in the reference manual (https://dev.opencascade.org/doc/refman/html/index.html) to which toolkit, i.e. which TK*.dll, it belongs.

E.g. for the class BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet you can see it at


See appended screenshot.


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Ah, OK!

I looked in the docs, but somehow missed that. 

Thanks very much.