Which shape is the selection?

I created two shape,named ashape1 and ashape2.
Now I select one,for example:
Now I have some problems:
Is the selection the ashape1 or the ashape2?

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Current() returns an AIS_InteractiveObject. So, you need to downcast it to an AIS_Shape and get the original shape from it:

aIO = MyAisContext->Current();
aAS = Handle(AIS_Shape)::DownCast(aIO);
aShape = aAS->Shape();

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If you want to see if aShape (that you got using Rob code) is either one of your ashape1 or ashape2, you'll need the function
IsEqual() (member of TopoDS_Shape)
//The shape selected is ashape1
else if(aShape.IsEqual(ashape2))
//The shape selected is ashape2

If you have an OpenLocalContext
i.e. myAIS_InteractiveContext->OpenLocalContext(),
you may also use myAIS_InteractiveContext->SelectedShape(), which return a TopoDS_Shape.

I hope this answer your question.