Why extra site at all ?!

I had quite mixed feelings about the announcement of the Collaborative development portal (dev.opencascade.org). Of course, the overall intent to enable support infrastructure is good. Public bug tracker, shared thoughts on roadmap, etc are all welcomed.

However, why creating a whole extra-site for that? Why partitioning the community ? Why do accounts from .org (real one, www.opencascade.org) not work at least? (By the way, I could not easily register for the first time, could not even ask for a new password, as I was not registered yet, I could not use the same personal email for the 2nd attempt,…). All this has been frustrating and disappointing :-(.

When most world-wide communities try to reuse accounts (google, facebook, sourceforge,…) you favored the opposite :-(. So now we have two sites, two forums, where everyone need to subscribe, setup account etc etc. I think this partially contributes into very slow collaboration on this of this collaborative portal.

Starting something new is always a challenge and is fated to face natural resistance. So why to increase it instead of leveraging existing productivity? I would really like to have *one* site, *one* forum, concentrated, not proliferated resource.

I am not sure if this post will have any influence but at least it’s aimed at giving some perspective. Do not intend to be offensive in any way, by the way. Tell me if you feel otherwise.

Thank you,

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Sorry Roman, having separate websites is a corporate decision not really negotiable.
One reason is, on www.opencascade.org, we are promoting our services such as support and products. So, using a single website would mix OCCT core development and commercial activities.


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Hello Roman,

You said you could not register for the first time. If there is any problem with the web site, could you please report it (either here or in the tracker)?

Please be sure that we intend to make the web site convenient, and sharing of accounts is clearly one of wishes. The dev site has accounts shared with Mantis issue tracker, and we are going to have these accounts shared with other developer tools to come. Automatic propagation of accounts from org site to this one is not feasible as we ask for confirmation of acceptance of Terms and Conditions when you are registered. Apart of this, it is logical that participation to OCCT development must be explicit, we do not want to have thousand of unused accounts here.

Regarding change of the password, it is unfortunately not automatic since the tools we are using do not support this for shared accounts. Trying to restore a lost password, you should get a message clearly directing you to use Contact form. If you have not seen this message or it was unclear, please let us know -- we will try to improve this!