Why I can not watch the value ?

hi,I start a new project with vs2017 as follows.

int main()
BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox box(1,2,3);
const TopoDS_Shape & shap = box.Shape();
return 0;

The variables of box and shap can not be watched.
And I can not go to define of BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox by press F11.

watch window shows that:
box <Information not available, no symbols loaded for TKPrim.dll>

thank you!

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Can you share how you configure solution? Is  it a CMake? Do you link install/win64/vc14/libd/... and install/win64/vc14/bind/... for the debug version? With .pdb*

Best regards, Dmitrii.

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thank you for replay.

I create an empty C++ solution then I add a cpp file and write a main function as mentioned above.
It is not a CMake.
Yes , I link them in "Debugging-Environment". I add the path as "E:\OpenCASCADE-7.7.0-vc14-64\opencascade-7.7.0\win64\vc14\bin;E:\OpenCASCADE-7.7.0-vc14-64\tbb_2021.5-vc14-64\bin".
Is that right?

The solution runs without errors , but I can not watch some variables of OCC.
But general variables , for example "int a = 0",can be watched.

thank you!

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I find my errors.
I should add path as "win64/vc14/bind" , but not "win64/vc14/bin".
Thank you very much.