Will openCascade be useful for my project ?

Hello, sorry for the general subject, but I'll try to explain what would I like to have from openCASCADE, and please, if possible I would like to have an idea from you about it.

I want to modify a molecular dynamics code (computes interaction between many particles) to include arbitrary geometrical constraints. For this issue, I've thought to have a library that allows to read CAD files (i.e. IGES) and then for simulating their interaction with the particles, I need to compute the distance of one point (the particle) to the nearest point in the geometrical constraints. If it is near enough to touch the particle, then I need the normal to the surface at this point.

The question is: openCASCADE allows to have these requirements? Perhaps this library is too much for only my requirements, in this case, do you know any other library able to do that?

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Hello Diego,

Using Open CASCADE Technology to solve your task seems quite feasible. To import CAD models you may use the standard interfaces to IGES and STEP. To compute distance between points and the part the algorithms are also available. The only question is your requirements for performance - how many points you need to evaluate per second etc. If your performance requirements are high creation of some specialized algorithms based on the existing functionality may be required. In any case, we shall be glad to offer you our professional assistance within our support programs (http://www.opencascade.org/support/) to provide you with the best expertise in integrating our technology in your application and thus secure your investment in our technology.

Please do not hesitate to request more information via our Contact Form at http://www.opencascade.org/about/contacts/.

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