The wire of result face after BRepFeat_SplitShape operation is not chained.

Hi All,

Though BRepFeat_SplitShape operation got the correct result:
two splitted sub faces after one face trimmed by a crossed curve. But I found that the wire in one face is not chained any more. I use ShapeExtend_WireData::Init(wire) to test whether the wire is chained or not.
Though wire non-chained is not a important fault in shape. But I think it's still a flaw in BRepFeat_SplitShape. In our system, we supposed all wires are chained well. So after BRepFeat_SplitShape operation, I have to reshape the result face to make sure all wires in the face are chained.
I am not sure my post-process is correct. Any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry, it's my fault.