WOK: Child workbench, path and visibility


I want to create an application and some OCC extensions using WOK. To allow upgrading OCC my files should reside in a different directory tree. I have searched the WOK documentation but I could not find out what I have to do to get all I need from the ros workbench ( via uses declarations ) into my project. So far I did create a new workbench in the OCC62 workshop but to access existing OCC packages I have to symlink into OCC and then create the missing unit in my workbench.

Did I miss something important?

Cheers, Torsten

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If you want to use some packages of the ros workbench in your workbench, you have to declare it as follows :

wcreate -f ros YourWorkbench

If you create YourWorkbench without "-f ros" , it will not possible to compile source code with include from ros worbench.


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the good syntax is :

wcreate -f YourWorkbench


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Thank you very much.

I could use wmove -f ros MyWB and now it works.