Write/Read problem

Hi All,

I'm writing a FACE and its EDGES to a stream as following:

BRepTools::Write(aFace, oStream);
TopExp_Explorer exp;
for(exp.Init(aFace, TopAbs_EDGE); exp.More(); exp.Next())
BRepTools::Write(exp.Current(), oStream);

When I read back the FACE and explore its EDGES and compare them with others read EDGES using methods IsEqual, IsSame and IsPartner always return FALSE.

Could someone help me in this issue?
Thank You in Advance

(I know at the first Write the EDGEs are already stored. But I need them separated)

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just adding information.
The first wrote EDGE (the alone one) and the EDGE wrote in TopoDS_Shape of the FACE are different just in TopoDS_TShape address.
Is there a way to compare two shapes just using geometrical information?