wrong # arg in TTOPOLOGY

I have installed opencascade 3.1 on my computer (NT, P600mhz). I am facing some problems. When I open the Test Harness (Start Menu > Programs > OPEN CASCADE > Test Harness >
> TTOPOLOGY), there is a message in the TTOPOLOGY window that says "wrong # args: should be "source filename"" and none of the commands work there. I found in the forum someone having the same problem but he still without answer.
Is there someone can clarifty this for us ?

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In one of the help files (gettingstarted.htm) it says that...
"Make sure the CASROOT environment variable is set to the directory where you have installed Open CASCADE. Select Start/Settings/ControlPanel/System and click the Environment tab. Check that the CASROOT system variable is listed with the correct path (correct drive and path to access Open CASCADE). If not, type CASROOT in the Variable textbox and the correct drive and path in the Value textbox. For example: D/opencascade40 (make sure that you use the / character, not \)".
My advice is, don't do that. CASROOT environment variable is set automatically when you install OpenCASCADE. So, go to Start/Settings/ControlPanel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables..you will see CASROOT is already there under "System variables". If you see CASROOT under "User variables", then delete that. Now test topology should work fine.
Let me know if this works.


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Thank you for your help.
I checked all points that you described in your mail, all environement variables where ok, but I realise when you gived me the exemple of "D/opencascade40" that i installed OCC in the Program files folder. Tlc don't likes the spaces, so i reinstalled OCC in the root drive and it works great
Thanks a lot